Serbske ludowe zastupnistwo
Sorbische/wendische Volksvertretung
Sorbian/Wendish People’s Representation

The Sorbs in Saxony and Brandenburg have a democratically legitimized people’s representation – the Serbski Sejm.


The Serbski Sejm looks back very favourably on the first series of the „Serbska debata“.

Regarding he discussion held on 20 March 2024 the present representatives of the Serbski Sejm look back with mixed feelings ...

On 20 March 2024 from 7 p.m., Hajko Kozel / Heiko Kosel, as a member of the Serbski Sejm, will take part in the 3rd Serbska debata ...

The Serbski Sejm Election Committee is presenting the draft key points for the election of the 2nd Serbski Sejm 2024 in Upper Lusatia and Lower Lusatia ...


Currently there are no events.